Comer, Douglas

Essentials of computer architecture / by Douglas E. Comer - New Delhi : Pearson Education Private Limited, 2007c. - xix, 323 p. ill. ; 23 cm.

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Chapter 1: Introduction and overview----------------------
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of digital logic----------------------
Chapter 3: Data and program representation----------------------
Chapter 4: The variety of processors and computational engines------------------------------
Chapter 5: Processor types and instruction sets-------------------------
Chapter 6: Operand addressing and instruction representation-----------------------
Chapter 7: CPUs: microcode, protection, and processor modes-------------------
Chapter 8: Assembly languages and programming paradigm------------------------
Chapter 9: Memory and storage-----------------------
Chapter 10: Physical memory and physical addressing------------------------
Chapter 11: Virtual memory technologies and virtual addressing--------------------------
Chapter 12: Caches and caching--------------------------
Chapter 13: Input/output concepts and terminology--------------------
Chapter 14: Buses and bus architectures-------------------------------
Chapter 15: Programmed and interrupt-driven I/O-------------------------
Chapter 16: A programmer's view of devices, I/O, and buffering---------------------------
Chapter 17: Parallelism----------------------------
Chapter 18: Pipelining----------------------------
Chapter 19: Assessing performance----------------------------
Chapter 20: Architecture examples and hierarchy-------------------------

This text focuses on the essentials of computer architecture for programmers. It covers all aspects from the low-level building blocks to system-level architectures, and succinctly explains the interface between hardware and software. Sections on assembly language, virtual memory, caching, microcode, and device driver software provide critical insight into how programmers can design efficient, elegant, and reliable


Computer architecture

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