Casazza, Jack

Understanding electric power systems : an overview of the technology, the marketplace, and government regulations / by Jack Casaza and Frank Delea - 2nd ed. - New Delhi : John Wiley & sons, 2010c. - xix, 320 p. : ill., 23 cm.

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Benefits of electric power and a history of the electric power industry -- The electric power system -- Basic electric power concepts -- Electric energy consumption -- Electric power generation and concerns about greenhouse gases -- The technology of the electric transmission system -- Distribution -- Energy storage and other new technologies -- Reliability -- The physical network: the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and its standards -- The physical network: operation of the electric bulk power -- The physical network: planning of the electric bulk power system -- The regulatory network: legislation -- The regulatory network: the regulators -- The information, communication, and control network and security -- The fuel and energy network -- The business network: market participants -- The money network: wholesale markets -- The professional and industry organizations.

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Electric power systems

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