Gray, Paul R.

Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits by Paul R Gray, Paul J Hurst, Stephen H Lewis and Robert G Meyer - 5th ed. - New Delhi : Wiley, 2011c. - v, 881p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Index included

Chapter 1: Models for integrated circuit active device
Chapter 2: Bipolar, MOS, and BIC-MOS integrated circuits
Chapter 3: Single transistor and multiple transistor amplifiers
Chapter 4: Current mirrors, active loads, and references
Chapter 5: Output Stages
Chapter 6: Operational Amplifiers with single ended outputs
Chapter 7: Frequency response of integrated circuits
Chapter 8: Feedback
Chapter 9: Frequency response and stability of feedback amplifiers
Chapter 10: Nonlinear analog circuits
Chapter 11: Noise in integrated circuits
Chapter 12: Fully differential operational amplifiers

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Linear integrated circuits

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