Bronson, Richard.

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of operations research / Theory and problems of operations research by Richard Bronson, Govindasami Naadimuthu. - 2nd ed. - New Delhi : McGraw-Hill, 2013 - iii, 456 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

Includes index.

Chapter 1: Mathematical Programming-------
Chapter 2:Linear Programming: Basic Concepts-------
Chapter 3: Linear Programming: The Simplex and the Dual Simplex Methods------
Chapter 4: Linear Programming: Duality and Sensitivity Analysis------
Chapter 5: Linear Programming: Extensions------
Chapter 6: Integer Programming: Branch-and-Bound Algorithm-----
Chapter 7: Integer Programming: Cut Algorithm------
Chapter 8: Integer Programming: The Transportation Algorithm------
Chapter 9: Integer Programming: Scheduling Models------
Chapter 10: Non-Linear Programming: Single Variable Optimization------
Chapter 11: Non-Linear programming: Multivariable Optimization without constraints------
Chapter 12: Non-Linear programming: Multivariable Optimization with constraints------
Chapter 13: Network Analysis------
Chapter 14: Project Planning using PERT/CPM------
Chapter 15: Inventory Models-----
Chapter 16: Forecasting-----
Chapter 17: Game Theory------
Chapter 18: Decision Theory------
Chapter 19: Dynamic Programming------
Chapter 20: Finite Markov Chains------
Chapter 21: Markovian Birth-Death Processes------
Chapter 22: Queueing System------
Chapter 23: M/M/1 System------
Chapter 24: Other System with Poisson-Type Input and Exponential-Type Service Times-----

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Operations research--Problems, exercises, etc.
Operations research--Outlines, syllabi, etc.

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