Slocum, John W.

Competency-based management / Competency based management / by John W. Slocum and Susan E. Jackson, Don Hellriegel - China : South Western Cengage Learning, 2008c. - xxix, 627 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.

Index included

Part 1: AN OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT. 1. Developing Managerial Competencies. 2. Learning from the History of Management Thought. Part 2: MANAGING IN TURBULENT ENVIRONMENTS. 3. Ethics and Social Responsibility. 4. Assessing the Environment. 5. Managing Globally. 6. Fostering Entrepreneurship. Part 3: PLANNING AND CONTROL. 7. Formulating Plans and Strategies. 8. Fundamentals of Decision Making. 9. Using Planning and Decision Aids. 10. Achieving Organizational Control. Part 4: LEADING. 11. Motivating Employees. 12. Dynamics of Leadership. 13. Communicating Effectively. 14. Working in Teams. 15. Understanding Organizational Culture and Cultural Diversity. Part 5: ORGANIZING. 16. Designing Organizations. 17. Guiding Organizational Change and Innovation. 18. Managing Human Resources

Presenting management principles, this book focuses on six managerial competencies - self-management, strategic action, planning and administration, global awareness, and teamwork. It uses examples which demonstrate how these competencies are used by real managers to address the challenges of managing and leading their organizations.

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