Beck, Roger B.

McDougal Littell world history World history : / by Roger B; et al - Evanston, Ill. : McDougal Littell, ©1999. - T32, xxxviii, 1077 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm.

Includes Index

Beginnings of civilization: Peopling of the world; Early River Valley civilizations; People and ideas on the move; First age of empires --
New directions in government and society: Classical Greece; Ancient Rome and early Christianity; India and China establish empires; African civilizations; Americas, a separate world --
An age of exchange and encounter: Muslim world; Byzantines, Russians, and Turks interact; Empires in East Asia; European Middle Ages; Formation of Western Europe; Societies and empires of Africa --
Connecting hemispheres: People and empires in the Americas; European Renaissance and Reformation; Muslim world expands; Age of exploration and isolation; Atlantic world --
Absolutism to revolution: Absolute monarchs in Europe; Enlightenment and revolution; French Revolution and Napoleon; Nationalist revolutions sweep the West --
Industrialism and the race for empire: Industrial Revolution; An age of democracy and progress; Age of imperialism; Transformations around the globe --
World at war: Great war; Revolution and nationalism; Years of crisis; World War II --
Perspectives on the present: Restructuring the postwar world; Colonies become new nations; Struggles for democracy; Global interdependence --

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