Mpaata, K.A.

Leading: An Academic Institution / by K.A. Mpaata - Lahore : University of The Lahore, - xxv, 317 p. ; 24 cm.

Includes Bibliography

1 A Respected Academic Leader-
2 A Self-Aware Leader-
3 A Leader with Self-Disclosure and Trust-
4 A Leader with Clear Set Targets-
5 A Leader with Time Management Skill-
6 A Leader Works With Many Diverse Others-
7 A Leader Who Focuses on Effective Teaching-
8 A Leader with Intellectual Creativity and Professionalism-
9 A Leader A Leader who is an Effective Communicator-
10 A Leader Who Demands Comprehensive Student Assessment-
11 A Leader Who Encourages Self Discovery-
12 An Effective Presenter and Discussant-
13 A Leader Who Manages and Conflicts Logically-
14 A Leader Implementer of Approved Financial Budgets-
15 A Leader Who Employs Competent Unit Heads-
16 A Leader Who Understands Discipline Administration-
Works with a Competent Institutional Secretary-
18 A Leader in Research Work and Evaluation-
19 Focuses on Quality Incentive for Competitiveness-

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Organization Management

371.19206 / MAP-L 103
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