Larman, Craig.

Applying UML and patterns : an introduction to object-oriented analysis and design and iterative development / by Craig Larman. - 3rd ed. - New Delhi : Pearson, 2016. - xxii, 570 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 683-[688]) and index.

1- Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
2- Iterative, Evolutionary, And Agile
3- Case Studies
4- Inception is not the Requirement Phase
5- Evolutionary Requirements
6- Use Cases
7- Other Requirements
8- Iteration 1- Basics
9- Domain Models
10- System Sequence Diagrams
11- Operation Contracts
12- Requirements to Design
13- Logical Architecture & UML Package Diagrams
14- On to Object Design
15- UML Interaction Diagrams
16- UML Class Diagrams
17- GRASP - Designing Objects with Responsibilities
18- Object Design Examples with GRASP
19- Designing For Visibility
20- Mapping Designs to Code
21- Test-Driven Development & Refactoring
22- UML Tools & UML as Blueprint
23- Iteration 2- More Patterns
24- Quick Analysis Update
25- GRASP : More objects with Responsibilities
26- Applying GoF Design Patterns
27- Iteration 3- Intermediate Tools
28- UML activity Diagrams & Modeling
29- UML State Machine Diagrams & Modeling
30- Relating Use Cases
31- Domain Model Refinment
32- More SSDs & Contracts
33- Architectural Analysis
34- Logical Architecture Refinement
35- Package Design
36- More Object Design With GoF Patterns
37- Designing a Persistence Framework with Patterns
38- UML Deployment & Component Diagrams
39- Documenting Architecture
40- Special Topics

"The book helps newcomers to OOA/D learn how to "think in objects" by presenting three iterations of a single, cohesive case study, incrementally introducing the requirements and OOA/D activities, principles, and patterns that are most critical to success. It introduces the most frequently used UML diagramming notation, while emphasizing that OOA/D is much more than knowing UML notation. All case study iterations and skills are presented in the context of an "agile" version of the Unified Process, a popular, modern iterative approach to software development. Throughout, the author presents the topics in a fashion designed for learning and comprehension."--Publisher.

9789332553941 (pbk)


Object-oriented methods (Computer science)
UML (Computer science)
System analysis.
System design.

005.117 / LAR-A 2016 8926