Library Policies

[Note: Following policies pertain to the patrons who are part of Namal University, Mianwali]

1. Library code of conducts

    Library patrons are expected to observe the following rules while using the library services. Violation of these rules may incur disciplinary action.

  • Keep your mobiles on silent mode (or switched off) while being in the library. You are not allowed to attend a call inside the library.
  • Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the library.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library
  • Sleeping is not allowed in library
  • Don’t write and scratch the library furniture. In case of irreversible damage, you’ll be heavily fined (up to Rs. 5000).
  • Do not write, highlight, underline, mark, or fold pages of the books. Library books are examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible. In case of severe damage, you’ll have to return a new copy of the book (same print) or pay the price of the book.
  • Group discussions are not allowed in the library. Complete silence should be observed, except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff
  • If any library user disturbs the study environment which may cause disruption in service or distraction for other library users, he/she will be given a verbal warning by the library staff. For second time he/she will be given a written warning but for third time library will be referred the case to Disc Committee.
  • If you read a library book inside the library, leave it on the table after you have finished. Do not reshelf it. You may inadvertently misplace a book which can cause problems in its search later on.
  • Do not change configuration of the PCs or any other equipment in the library. Namal University IT code of conduct must be observed while using IT applications.
  • Although you can use your belongings (laptop, books, register etc.) for study inside the library, you should place your bags on the table besides the entrance door due to  security concerns. In case of suspicion, library staff is authorized to check your bags.
  • Someone found and proven guilty of stealing books or other items from the library may face legal actions, and/or may lead to termination from the University.
  • Treat the library staff with respect. Any misbehave would come under general codes of conduct.
  • The Librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member who is found misusing the library material or facilities.

2. Borrowing Policy

There are two categories of books in the library: Standard books and Reference books. Following policies pertain to these categories:
  • Standard books are regular items which can be borrowed by any library user (patron) for a time frame mentioned in the table below.

Patron Category

Can hold a book for

Max no. of books issued


14 Days



30 Days



30 Days


  • Books can only be renewed for a further 2 times if another user has not reserved them.
  • Overdue books will not be re-issued until the fine is paid.
  • Two copies of same title will not be issued.
  • Non-issuable materials such as reference books, magazines, journals are not checked out. These must not be removed from the library.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, reference book can be borrowed overnight. You can borrow it just before the library closes, and it must be returned by next morning. It
  • cannot be borrowed over the weekend.
  • All issued books must be returned to the library by the due date. In case of overdue books, a fine will be charged, as mentioned in the fine policy.
  • Books will only be issued to the person appearing at the circulation desk. You cannot borrow a book under someone else’s name.
  • Books or other materials borrowed from the library are non-transferable and are expected to be used by the borrower himself/herself. Books should not be passed on to somebody not belonging to Namal University.
  • The borrower is solely responsible for returning books in time and keeping themintact. If you ask someone else to return, make sure he/she does it.
  • In exceptional circumstances, borrowed materials must be returned to library to meet emergent needs. If recalled, the borrowed books must immediately be brought to the circulation desk.
  • Books may be renewed/re-issued to the same user, provided no one has requested a reservation. However, if someone has already reserved it, you’ll have to return the book to the library by the due date.

3. Reservation Policy

In order to support fair usage and optimal sharing of the collection, borrowed books can be reserved. If you need a book which has already been borrowed by someone else, you can request a reservation. Library staff maintains a reservation queue for borrowed items. Simply ask the library staff to place your name in the queue. You must also provide a valid email address so that you could be notified once the book is returned. Following policies apply:

  • You cannot reserve the same book which has already been issued to you. If no one else reserved the book, you can get it re-issued on the day of return.
  • Reserved book will be issued to the one who is topmost in the reservation queue. If (s) he willingly declines, the book will be issued to the next in the queue, and so on.
  • If you have reserved a book, it is your responsibility to contact the circulation desk on its day of return. Library staff will wait for you till 12:00 noon next working day. If you do not appear, your name will be removed from the queue. The book will then be issued to the next person in the queue or to someone else if there’s no one else in the queue.
  • It is your responsibility to provide correct and active email address, and to check the email notification. Any change in the contact details (address, phone number, e-mail) must be reported to the Library immediately.
  • Students cannot reserve a reference book or a teaching resource.

4. Fine Policy

To encourage and impose timely return of the library materials, fines are charged on over-due items. Borrowers are solely responsible for returning or renewing items by the due date. If the items are not returned by due date, fine will be charged at the following rate:

  • Rs. 10 per day for an overdue book will be charged to all students. In case of overdue of reference material that library will issue for overnight to anyone but under exceptional circumstances, Library will be charged 100 rupees per day.
  • If a library patron reports that the book is lost, (s)he will have to pay twice the price of the book or return a new copy. Note that the fine will keep on incurring till the price paid or book returned.
  • For students, the maximum fine limit before they can be issued books any further is Rs. 600. If the cumulative fine crosses that limit, or in other words, if you accumulates more than 30 overdue days on your borrowings, you will not be issued books anymore. Your library account will be seized. In order to reactivate your account, you’ll have to pay the full fine.
  • Students must pay their library fines at the circulation desk in the library. Make sure you get the receipt for the payment.

5. Library Clearance

Students must get clearance from respective departments in order to obtaining their degrees. Library clearance will not be declared unless (s) he:

  • Returns all borrowed books
  • Pays outstanding library dues (fine, book cost, etc.)
  • Appears for the disciplinary action against violation of library rules

The Librarian will notify the Controller of Examinations (and respective HoDs) the list of library defaulters for necessary actions. Note that the library clearance will be marked only by the Librarian or In-charge Library. No other library staff is authorized to sign the clearance form.

6. Stock Taking

The library will undertake a stocktaking process every year. This includes a number of different activities, such as verification of library inventory, rectification of records, examination and conditioning of books, and process calibration. For this purpose, the library will be closed for user.

  • All books on loan with the borrowers will have to be returned before the date by the Librarian in-charge Library for this purpose.
  • Exact dates of stocktaking will be communicated well in advance. If a books return date is going to lie within the stocktaking period, it will not be issued.
  • During Stocktaking lending of all borrowable will be suspended.
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